Wednesday 21 December

Christmas and New Year at St John’s

We’ve already enjoyed some amazing services to mark the festive season in the run up the Christmas – and there’s even more great services to come! Christmas Eve 4pm Crib Service – a fabulous family celebration of the nativity story. With activities for kids, familiar carols, mulled wine and mince pies. 11:30pm Midnight Holy Communion …

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Monday 21 November

TELCO Delegates Assembly

On Thursday, 17th November, members of St John’s joined representatives of institutions across East London at the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel for the TELCO delegates assembly. TELCO (newly renamed the The East London Citizens Organisation) is the chapter of Citizens UK to which we belong through our membership of Hackney Citizens. The purpose of the …

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Thursday 10 November

Streetlevel SMS – Creative Me Photography Workshop

by Moses Baako – Youth Work Apprentice Over the October half term in 2016, the Streetlevel youth project ran a Photography workshop with a few young people from the community as well as St John’s Church. The idea behind this workshop was to introduce them to different aspects of photography beside that which they might be used …

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Thursday 13 October

Hello! My name is Freya…

Freya Bradley has joined our team, and introduces herself below: Hello! My name is Freya and I have been placed with St John’s for one year as part of the Stepney Intern Programme. This means you will see me in the parish on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and on a Monday I will …

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Monday 3 October

Healed: Tanya’s Testimony

Tanya, a member of our church experienced an extraordinary and miraculous healing this summer, and this is her account: HEALED 2016:- Ok. So this is going to be a long post. I could say it much simpler & quicker but that wouldn’t do justice to what has actually happened. BACKGROUND:- About 20 years ago, I …

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Monday 19 September

Respect the Zebra!!

Tuesday 19th July 2016. 8:15 a.m. The junction of Crondall Street and Pitfield Street.  A last minute check of leaflets and posters is done – the eternal question of ‘are we really ready for this?’ echoing round our minds. Then, emerging from the church gardens is… a zebra. A closer look reveals that this is, …

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Tuesday 6 September

Welcome to Josh Richards – Buxton Leadership Intern

We’re really thrilled to be welcoming Josh Richard back to St John’s to join our team for the coming year. Josh spent a month with us back in 2014 as a Jellicoe Intern, and having graduated this summer from Oxford University, felt called back to London to be involved in work with church and politics.   The Buxton …

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