Thursday 25 September

Ordinary Mission – Extraordinary People

I heard someone speaking recently of how their church was full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It reminded me of a book written by a friend of mine – Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission. I really get the phrase, and what it’s supposed to evoke – but I found myself mulling it over. It occurred …

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Monday 30 June

Ambassadors for Christ

53 ‘Ambassadors for Christ’ Commissioned Yesterday was an amazing day at St John’s Church in Hoxton. In addition to celebrating the baptism and confirmation of nine members of our congregations, a further 53 members were commissioned as ‘Ambassadors for Christ’ by Rt Revd Adrian Newman, the Bishop of Stepney. Each of them completed ‘Commitment Cards’ …

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Thursday 1 May

Easter Reboot

My laptop computer is running slowly nowadays. It seems as though they’re not built to cope with more than about three years regular use anymore… Of course, I’m partly to blame – I try to run too many programmes at the same time. About 3 months ago, I upgraded its memory to full capacity – …

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Sunday 30 March

New Artwork Installed

NEW ARTWORK INSTALLED Thank you so much to local artist and congregation member Caroline Akhtar, who has kindly loaned us two of her paintings to be installed on the east wall of the church. The two contemporary paintings engage with urban life and Christian spirituality. ‘Liminality’ (on the left) evokes a light drawing us through …

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Thursday 19 December

The Birthday Of The King

This article was published in the Hackney Gazette on 19/12/2013 Kings have been in the headlines during 2013. We celebrated the birth and baptism of Prince George, and anticipated our future kings: Charles, William and George. On its 50th anniversary, we remembered the famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech of Martin Luther King Jr. Cinema-goers …

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Sunday 1 December

To Each As They Have Need: Valuing Labour and the Living Wage

During November each year, the Living Wage Foundation holds its annual ‘Living Wage Week’. This year, Ed Miliband lent his support to the campaign when he pledged that a Labour government would use tax breaks to encourage more employers to offer the Living Wage. He gave a speech outlining his support of the Living Wage …

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Friday 13 September

Will You Cross The Road?

I gave a speech last night (12th September 2013) at the Hackney Citizens meeting at the Alevi Cultural Centre. The text of my speech is as follows: Jesus told a story: a man was going along the road from Jerusalem to Jericho when he was attacked by thieves and robbers… Perhaps you know the story? …

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Friday 6 April

Undenied – A Good Friday Reflection

Bible Reading: John 18:15-27 The piece of music playing above is called ‘Undenied’ and is by the band Portishead, released on their 2nd album in 1997. It’s a melancholy and reflective piece of music. The delicate and warm sounds of the Fender Rhodes, which begin the song, are quickly joined by a hostile and harsh …

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Sunday 18 December

Making Space / Reordered Organs

“Immensity cloistered in thy deare womb” This is one of my favourite lines from John Donne’s ‘La Corona’ poem. It speaks of the mystery of the incarnation – that the eternal logos of God – the 2nd person of the trinity should take on human flesh and be born as Jesus of Nazareth. My wife …

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