This page gives regular updates to how the church is responding to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Regular updates are also posted on our WhatsApp group and our Facebook Page.
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UPDATE - 28/3/2020: COVID-19 Care Team, Worship Services & Children / Youth Groups

We've had a couple of technical problems with our website in the past couple of days, and one or two previous updates have been lost. This is a brief summary of measures the church leadership have been taking to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular to our current 'lockdown'.

COVID-19 Care Team

  • We have established a COVID-19 Care Team. This is a group of responsible leaders in the church, staff and volunteers, who have been trained and authorised to contact church members on our database to check how they're doing and make sure our church family is well cared for during this time.
  • We have taken a wide definition of 'church members' and included everyone on our church electoral roll, as well as everyone who over the past couple of years has been part of our worshipping community. There are around 280 adults on our contact list, and each volunteer in the COVID-19 Care Team has undertaken to phone 15 people every week.
  • Please don't be surprised if you receive a telephone call in the coming weeks. If you don't wish to be contacted, because you've left the church for any reason, please do inform the person who calls you, and they will updated our database.
  • If you are currently a member of one of our core ministry teams, and would like to be included in this Care Team effort, please contact our Vicar, Graham. We need to recruit a further 6-8 members of the Care Team.

Worship Services

  • We are intending to livestream a worship service every Sunday at 10.30am. However, we are aware that it may be difficult for people to access these due to technical limitations. We're also aware that home internet capacity may not cope with live-streamed worship. Please be patient and understanding if the livestream doesn't work.
  • We will continue to broadcast Morning Prayer most days at 9am on our Facebook page.
  • We are working on producing some video worship and prayer resources that will be shared on our YouTube channel.

Children / Youth Groups

  • Many of our midweek groups have continued meeting, but using Zoom or other video conferencing solutions.
  • We're working on resourcing online hangouts for children and youth via Zoom. These will be led by our Children's / Youth Ministry teams, and will be subject to all the usual Safeguarding procedures.
  • It is important that parents provide consent and support for their children to participate in online groups. Please check your email and respond to invitations.

We will continue to update this webpage, but we will also post updates on our WhatsApp group and our Facebook Page.

UPDATE - 24/3/2020: Church Building Closed: Church Community Open!

Further to the Prime Minister's statement last night, the church building remains closed, and all regular premises users have been asked to stay away. Our car park remains in operation to help provide transport solutions for key workers. Our Vicar, Graham, is leading online prayer from the church several times a day, while reorganising the way we do pastoral care and social connections for our members and wider community. Though the church building is closed, the church family is very much open for business!

We're unsure as to whether we will be able to offer a live streamed service this coming Sunday. Updates will be posted here and over at our Facebook Page.

UPDATE - 23/3/2020: Church Building Now Closed

  • The Bishop of London wrote to Clergy in the Diocese on Sunday evening to instruct us to close our church buildings to all visitors and users. We have responded immediately by closing the building. This has an impact on various groups and users, who have been notified today.
  • Church staff are now working remotely, with the exception of the Building & Premises Manager who is running the car park*; the B&P Assistant who is keeping church surfaces clean and thoroughly disinfected; and the Vicar, Graham, who is convening meetings via Zoom and providing pastoral care via telephone or digital communication.
  • We anticipate having a very small team present in the building this coming Sunday to arrange to live stream a worship service.
  • Daily prayer will be live streamed at various times from the church by the Vicar. Visit our Facebook Page to join in. Morning prayer will usually start at 9 or 9.30am. You may find it helpful to have the daily prayer app - available here (Apple App Store): or here (Google Play Store).
  • The church WhatsApp Group and the Facebook group have been changed to 'information only' - so there is no conversation in the groups. We encourage people to join these groups for regular updates.

* The Church car park operation is continuing, not least because we have NHS key workers who use it for car parking.

UPDATE - 21/3/2020: Changes to St John's Hoxton Response in light of Current Guidance

1. Social Distancing & Services

  • We will continue to follow guidance given by the Church of England, the Diocese of LondonPublic Health England and the NHS.
  • In terms of how people access the church building, this means that we will constrain numbers of people physically attending any prayer space / meeting / work-based activity to no more than 10 at any one time.
  • We will promote the national guidance on physical distancing and hand washing.
  • We are really concerned for people's mental and emotional health at this time. Please read the support articles at and
  • We are expecting to live stream one service per week on Facebook Live a Sunday morning, and to minimise the number of people involved in leading the service.
2. Church Activity Programme & Premises
  • All groups and activities involving people being physically present in church will be suspended for the w/b 23rd March. We will review this on a regular basis.
  • We will be developing means of connecting and contacting one another online and by telephone.
  • Graham will continue regular prayer in church, and will stream this online where possible.
  • We will be consulting with other groups who regularly use the church premises to discuss their action plans, and minimise the use of the church building.
3. Communications
  • Given the wide variety of information streams active at the moment, we want to pay special attention to the key sources mentioned above: Church of England, Diocese of London, Public Health England and the NHS. We are fortunate to have in our Diocesan Bishop Sarah, a person with vast experience in public health policy and practise.
  • All our church communication channels will become ‘information only’ for the time-being - giving updates on church activities, but avoiding too much conversation which may cause confusion or anxiety. Members will of course have their own WhatsApp and messaging groups, but the church groups will change for now.
  • We encourage all church members to use the MyChurchSuite function of our database to update their contact details, and to keep in touch with one another.
  • There will be new digital connect groups forming over the next week to keep people connected with one another.
  • We also encourage some ’social media distancing’ - following mental health advice to check only one or two trusted sources of information once or twice a day for updates. We suggest that church members might want to enjoy reading books and playing games rather than getting sucked into ‘panxiety’ online.

UPDATE - 19/3/2020: We're planning to live stream one Sunday service at Sunday 22nd March at 10.30am. During the service there will be some ways to interact online:

  • When the service leader leads a prayer, you can add your 'Amen' by typing in the comments box or using the 🙏 emoji
  • When the service leader invites you to share peace - we can share virtual peace by typing 'Peace be with you' or using ✌️ emoji
  • During sung worship, please sing along at home, and indicate you're joining in with the praise 🙌 emoji

UPDATE - 18/3/2020: We will be live streaming one Sunday service on Sunday 22nd March at 10.30am. (You can watch here: After the service, there will be seven slots available for up to 10 people at a time to attend church for private prayer and to receive the bread of Holy Communion. Sign up here.