Monday 19 September

Respect the Zebra!!

Tuesday 19th July 2016. 8:15 a.m. The junction of Crondall Street and Pitfield Street.  A last minute check of leaflets and posters is done – the eternal question of ‘are we really ready for this?’ echoing round our minds. Then, emerging from the church gardens is… a zebra. A closer look reveals that this is, …

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Tuesday 6 September

Welcome to Josh Richards – Buxton Leadership Intern

We’re really thrilled to be welcoming Josh Richard back to St John’s to join our team for the coming year. Josh spent a month with us back in 2014 as a Jellicoe Intern, and having graduated this summer from Oxford University, felt called back to London to be involved in work with church and politics.   The Buxton …

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Wednesday 1 June

168 – A Week of Prayer & Worship

In January 2016, at a PCC meeting, we did an exercise to consider how we would prioritise 9 of our core activities in the church. In pairs, we organised 9 statements into priority order – and it was heartening, and unsurprising, to find that every pair put ‘Develop the Prayer and Worship life of our …

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Sunday 30 March

New Artwork Installed

NEW ARTWORK INSTALLED Thank you so much to local artist and congregation member Caroline Akhtar, who has kindly loaned us two of her paintings to be installed on the east wall of the church. The two contemporary paintings engage with urban life and Christian spirituality. ‘Liminality’ (on the left) evokes a light drawing us through …

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