Official Church of England Reports

On these pages you’ll find a selection of contemporary and historic reports from he Church of England concerning marriage, singleness, sex and homosexuality.

Family, marriage and sexuality | The Church of England

Living in Love and Faith | The Church of England


Christian and gay | Living Out
A conservative organisation, but specifically led by those who identify as same-sex attracted or gay Christians, but have chosen celibacy and adherence to historic doctrine as their starting point.

Inclusive Church
A progressive organisation campaigning for greater liberality, inclusion and reform of traditional church teaching on homosexuality. 

OneBodyOneFaith | Home
Formerly the Gay & Lesbian Christian Movement. Similar to the above. 

Helpful article exploring what our culture thinks our sexuality is for (enjoying ourself and defining ourself) and how God's counter-culture offers a different message.
Steve Chalke outlines a progressive position, exploring some of the biblical texts.
Steve Holmes responds to Steve Chalke's article and talks about forming Christian counter-cultural communities.

Timothy Keller on God, Freedom, and Love - Gospel in LIfe
A really helpful exploration of how to balance 'liberal' and 'conservative' understandings of human freedom and allegiance to God in the community of love. It explore the teaching of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 8-10 on whether Christians may eat food sacrificed to idols. It has helpful parallels to how we disagree on issues today.

The True Sexual Revolution | Articles | Living Out
Interesting article by Andrew Wilson exploring the radical new sexual ethic of the early church.

What is a biblical theology of sexuality? Part 2 | Psephizo

Two new books on sexuality | Shored Fragments


Q Ideas - John Mark Comer on Deconstruction
A short and challenging consideration of whether we critique the bible with our views, or whether the bible critiques us with God’s views!

God & Sexuality - John Mark Comer & Jon Tyson
A podcast series from two US teaching pastors who are conservative in their position, but who lead congregations with predominantly millennial and Gen Z members. They carefully consider multiple positions in the debate.

  1. God & Sexuality
  2. Sexual Formation
  3. Jesus & The Gay Community
  4. Jesus, Gender & Trans Community
  5. Singleness
  6. Marriage