Further to yesterday's APCM, the minutes of the meeting are now published here: APCM Minutes 2020

The following appointments were confirmed:
Churchwarden: Larre Olajide
Deanery Synod Representatives: Stephen Millar, Vera Kesewah
PCC Members: Lorraine Flack, Chris Mitchell, Natasha Jesson, Olivette Thompson
PCC Treasurer (Co-Opted): Aaron Rodewald

We will hold an Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday 26th July at 3pm in the church gardens to receive the report and accounts, as well as to appoint a PCC for the coming year.

All the relevant papers for the meeting are listed below:

We'll hold the annual meeting in the context of an outdoor service of Holy Communion with church picnic. You'll have to bring your own food, chairs and picnic rugs - but we will have a chance to pray together and at least see each other in person!