Look out for some exciting post - you only need an orange!
This year we are going to be sending out packs for all the SJH Kids so they can make a Christingle at home and join in with the Church of England's National Christingle service on 13th December from 9am. #thelightshinesinthedarkness :star2::christmas_tree::tangerine::candy:

If you don't receive a DIY Christingle at Home kit from us, please drop us an email so we can post you one. We've tried to send them to all the kids on our database, but if you've not been at SJH Kids for a while we may not have your address.

We're joining in with The Children's Society for this 'Christingle-at-home' activity. But what is a Christingle? Find out more here.
Find out more about the work of The Children's Society by watching this video. You can donate to support their work by clicking here.

To make your Christingle

You will need:
1. Your Christingle instructions from the pack you received in the mail.
2. Your candle
3. The red ribbon
4. The 4 cocktail sticks
5. The sweets - don't eat them yet!
6. A sharp knife with an adult to help you
7. An adult to light your candle with you

Finally, you will need to go to the shop
and buy a nice big orange!

We hope you enjoy making your Christingle at home. Please take photos/short videos so we can all share in the celebration together.
Post them on our church WhatsApp group (or one of the parent WhatsApp groups) or otherwise email them in.