Here at St John's Hoxton we're encouraging everyone to take up the COVID Vaccine when you're offered it. We have confidence in the medical and scientific community in the UK, and the regulatory framework under which they work. We believe the vaccine is safe, and will help individuals reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus themselves, as well as reducing the risk of transmission in the wider community.

Taking the vaccine is something we can do to LOVE GOD (as we take care of the bodies he has given us) and to LOVE OUR NEIGHBOUR (as we help to reduce risk of transmission). We encourage you to take the vaccine at the first available opportunity.

If you do have concerns that you would like to discuss, please email the Pastoral Care team.

Revd Graham Hunter (Vicar) and Revd Caroline Taylor (Curate) were offered the vaccine as a Faith Community Leaders - with the hope and expectation that they would encourage people in our church and wider community to also have the vaccine.

Watch Revd Graham getting his vaccine here 👇🏿

Watch Revd Caroline getting her vaccine here 👇🏿

Watch our Pastoral Care Minster Bosede getting her vaccine here 👇🏿

Watch our Churchwarden Larre getting his vaccine here 👇🏿

Dr Alice Howell is a member of our church, and as a frontline NHS worker she has also had the vaccine 👇🏿