On the night of Sunday 17th January, two dearly loved members of our church family passed away. Len & Evelyn (Eve) Dye lived almost their whole life in Hoxton, and devoted years of faithful service to the church’s mission in the community.

Len had been ill for a little while, and had contracted COVID-19 while in hospital. He spent the final few weeks of his life  in the Homerton hospital, and although there had been a little improvement, he deteriorated rapidly over his last weekend. His wife Eve had been at home worrying about her husband, and in the early evening of Sunday 17th had a little collapse at home. An ambulance was called and she was rushed to hospital. She died that night in the Homerton hospital as well.

Both Len and Even died on the same night, within a few hours of each other, in the same hospital, but neither of them knowing the other had died. In some sense, we receive this as a small mercy - that they didn’t have to grieve for one another.

Their children Bryn and Megan held a private family funeral for them two weeks ago. As a church family, we will hold a memorial service for them when the situation concerning COVID allows us to gather in a large number to celebrate their lives. This may not be until the autumn, or even until the first anniversary of their death.

In the meantime, we would like to raise funds to donate to Leprosy Mission and Christian Aid - two charities that Len & Eve supported through the years with charity sales at the church.