We're delighted that Caroline Taylor will be joining our team from 1st July 2018 to serve for three years as Curate at St John's. This will be Caroline first post as an ordained minister, and the 'Title Post' enables her to continue her training and development as an clergy-person, while taking on some real responsibility for church leadership with the supervision and support of an experienced Vicar. The hope and expectation is that Caroline will continue to grow and develop her gifts and skills, with a view to then taking on the principal responsibility for another parish church as Vicar after her three years is completed.


Caroline is returning to London after three years in Durham studying theology at Cranmer Hall. Prior to her ministerial training, she spent almost 10 years working in London as an archaeological consultant - researching archaeological sites in the city, and yes, digging around in muddy trenches! Alongside her day job, Caroline was part of the Eden Bow youth work team in Tower Hamlets - so she's familiar with the life of an inner-city church. We're delighted that she is joining us with her husband Iain next year.


Here's 10 more things you might want to know about Caroline...

1. What's your favourite food?


2. What's your dream holiday?

Somewhere not too hot with adventurous activities and historic ruins (if New Zealand had castles it would be perfect!)

3. Tell us about your favourite book(s).

Tough! 'I Capture the castle' captured my imagination as a child; 'Irresistible Revolution' by Shane Claiborne has really influenced me as an adult; 'Sister Madge's Book of Nuns' for sheer silliness

4. What difference has Jesus made in your life?

Well I wouldn't be training as a priest were it not for Jesus! Because of Jesus I feel I have purpose in life, and I have an example of how to live in the best way. That's not easy, and I don't achieve it- but at least I have an example to aspire to.

5. Marmite: love it or hate it?

Depends what mood I'm in

6. Tell us something you think is unusual, funny or surprising about you - maybe a story or a weird habit.

I collect thimbles

7. What makes you thankful?

Realising just how much I have been blessed with

8. Who or what is precious to you?

My husband, Iain (and the rest of my family of course)

9. What's your favourite song / band / album / genre of music?

Pretty eclectic tastes- but probably indie rock is my favourite genre. Stereophonics, Lifehouse and Mumford and Sons are bands I return to again and again

10. Tell us your favourite passage of Scripture and why it’s important to you.

Jer 29:11. A youth event called hopefuture was crucial for me in my teen years; it got its name from this verse, and it is a verse that keeps cropping up throughout my life. It reminds me God has a purpose for me, and I can have hope in Him.