We’re delighted to announce that Bosede Owa will be joining the staff team at St John’s Hoxton from Monday 13th July to work as Pastoral Care Minister. This role will formalise, authorise and support her in the work she has already been doing as a volunteer for many months - visiting the elderly, telephoning the vulnerable, and generally doing everything she can to care for members of our congregation and community.

From the start of April, she has been dedicating even more time than usual to telephoning members of our church to check in on how they’re doing during lockdown. She has been giving people a generous listening ear, as well as signposting people to where they can get further help or practical support. Many of you reading this will have benefited from her compassionate care over the past months and years.

We’ve been able to secure funding to formalise and extend this work for the coming year - and we’re delighted that this will give Bosede the support and backing to do this valuable work in our community. As well as being a tremendously caring member of our church family, Bosede is also a worship leader, preacher and prayer warrior - and we’re delighted that she will have a more formal role in the church leadership and ministry team in the months and years ahead.

Please pray for her as she gets settled into the role, and if you want to be part of the team that supports her in her work, do send an email to pastoralcare@stjohnshoxton.org.uk