We're holding our annual summer fair and our July shared lunch - virtually!

We're inviting every member of the church to have a special lunch 'at home' - with your household, your family, over zoom with friends - however you choose and at whatever time you choose.

Here's Angela explains a little more:

Some suggestions:

  • Have a BBQ
  • Put picnic blankets, rugs and cushions on the floor in your living room and have a 'Roman' lunch
  • Make bunting for your house out of coloured paper and string
  • Play some family games
  • Put on bright summer clothes
  • Make a summer cocktail
  • Eat some ice-cream

We would love it if you would take photos and videos, and share them in the Facebook Group or in our WhatsApp Group on Sunday 5th July.

We''ll then make the photos  and videos in to a little film that we can share and enjoy!