In February 2016 our Vicar, Revd Graham Hunter, along with Noel Robinson and Andy Flannagan spent an afternoon songwriting together in the chapel at St John's Hoxton. At the end of the afternoon they had written a new 'civic hymn' to the tune of Abide With Me. ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’ is a song to inspire whole-life discipleship and encourage Christian witness in the public square.

Our Vicar, Graham Hunter, has written a guide for discussion groups or personal study.
You can download this here.

In 2021, the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) commissioned a new recording and music video for the song, and have also helped to produce a range of resource to accompany the song. You can access these resources here. The Church of England have decided to use the song as a central theme for this year's 'Thy Kingdom Come' week of prayer.

We Seek Your Kingdom by Andy Flanaghan, Graham Hunter and Noel Robinson

LICC also commissioned our very own Max Benoist of Go Out Of Tune music to create a 'Story Behind The Song' video filmed at our church.

We Seek Your Kingdom: Story Behind The Song